Women are an important pillar in a society. But they often lack the access to education, healthcare, employment and basic rights and they experience all sort of violence, solely because of their gender. Women also suffer, first-hand, the effects of a country’s economic crisis. They are often not asked about their needs. But what is it that women who live in the dark of a society want? What are their thoughts and feelings?

WOMEN IN THE DARK gives these women the opportunity to write their intimate experiences, secrets, fears, pain, anger, hopes and believes on white shirts (or equivalent female clothes) with a red permanent marker.

If the women agree, photos are taken and become part of the documentation.

At the first destinations, Zimbabwe, Seychelles, Mauritius, China and India women wrote at home, in groups or in public. The specific setting varied, depending on the person and situation.

Reaching this goal is only possible in collaboration with local women and women organizations. Project-Representatives conduct the project in their countries and communities. Interested organizations are welcome to get in touch with me.

Presentations of the project are meant to happen in the frame of an art installation with the collected shirts, texts and photos. Further forms will be developed – matching the countries. As it is a constantly growing project, there could be local and national presentations in the participating community or country as well as on an international platform.