About me

Franziska Greber

Artist and Psychotherapist. Former Co-Head of the Intervention Center against domestic violence at the Directorate of Justice and Home Affairs in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland. Co-Head and Co-Founder of AGAVA, a nonprofit Switzerland-based educational training organization with yearly conferences for professionals against the exploitation of power in private and professional relationships.

Teaching at Universities and Colleges in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Numerous articles in academic journals and books. Public discussions on TV and radio. Master-Thesis about domestic violence of minors against their parents, siblings and within their teenage relationships. Co-author of the “Recommendations for reducing sexual violence among teenagers” (UBS Optimus Foundation). Speaker at UN Events in Geneva “Strengthening the protection of women from torture” and in Vienna “Strengthening Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Responses to Gender-Based Violence”.

Numerous Theater Projects (one in a Swiss prison with the male inmates). National and international networking against violence. Script-consultant for a documentary movie about depression “SeelenSchatten” and a fictional movie about domestic violence “Giochi d’estate – Summer Games”, winner of the Swiss award for best fiction movie and nominated for an Academy award in the Foreign Film category.

2018, EXISTENCE – International Feminist Art Exhibition at Meixi Hall Art Space, Changsha, China

2018, Group Exhibition at Sisir Mancha Theater, Kolkata, India

2017, Solo Exhibition at Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata, India

2017, Solo Performance at Crossroads Center, Beijing, China

2016, Group Exhibition at Crossroads Center, Beijing, China

2016, visiting artist at the pARTage Residency Program, Flic en Flac, Mauritius

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