Franziska Greber is a Swiss artist and psychotherapist

For over three decades, she has been devoting herself to studies and projects against violence, discrimination and gender stereotypes and for women and human rights.

As a psychotherapist, she mainly worked with survivors of violence, was Co-Head of the Intervention Unit against Domestic Violence at the Directorate of Justice and Home Affairs, Canton of Zürich, counseled many organizations at home and abroad, taught at universities and colleges and wrote numerous articles in academic journals and books. She was a speaker at UN events in Geneva and Vienna.

Franziska Greber was involved in many theater projects (one in a Swiss male prison), worked as a script-consultant for a documentary movie about depression, SeelenSchatten by Dieter Gränicher, and as a script collaborator for the fictional movie Giochi d’Estate by Rolando Colla.

In 2016 she initiated the international, non-profit, transdisciplinary and participatory art project WOMEN IN THE DARK, in which she linked art and societal issues.

Her artistic practice is also based on her many years of experience as a psychotherapist, spezialized on trauma and the abuse of power.

All art projects are based on the knowledge that people only share their intimate experiences in crisis-ridden contexts anonymously and in a protected environment, knowing that their concerns will be heard and taken seriously. In certain moments it is crucial to make values and attitudes visible, to take a stand, intervene and support the necessary dialogue.

Franziska Greber uses various media to draw attention to the hidden, ignored and forbidden. Central to her work is the inseparable experience and interaction of body, space and context.

The artist makes the materials created in the respective projects (texts, photos and videos) available to her project partners for further use.

Franziska Greber’s works were exhibited internationally and attracted many visitors.



Meckelhalle | Sparkasse | Freiburg | Germany | Solo Show


Rathaus Rostock | Schwerin, Waren & Greifswald | Germany | Solo Show


Pinakothek der Moderne | DENKRAUM DEUTSCHLAND | Munich | Germany | Group Exhibition


Baturu Cultural Festival | Beijing & Hongkong | China | digital Group Exhibition


117 Art Center | Ningbo | China | Group Exhibition

Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage Site & Cerne Docks | Port Louis | Mauritius | Solo Show

Art Museum | Jiangxi Normal University | Nanchang | China | Group Exhibition


Bond 27 | GIH | Shanghai | China | Group Exhibition

International Culture & Arts Centre Meixi Hall | Changsha | China | Group Exhibition

Sisir Mancha Theater | Kolkata | India | Solo Show 


Victoria Memorial Hall | Kolkata | India | Solo Show

Crossroads Centre Art Space | Beijing | China | Solo Performance


Crossroads Centre Art Space | Beijing | China | Group Exhibition




Palais des Nations | Geneva | Switzerland | Solo Show

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum | Geneva | Switzerland | Solo Show

Place du Rhone | Geneva | Switzerland | Solo Show

Architekturgalerie | Munich | Germany | Group Exhibition


Alte Münze | Berlin | Germany | Group Exhibition

Superblock | Winterthur | Switzerland | Solo Show


Anna Göldi Museum | Ennenda | Switzerland | Solo Show


Geely University Art Space | Beijing | China | Group Exhibition

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