India (Dupatta)


Born in a poor family, deprived of education, married with somebody who has an affair with another woman, I had a barrage of difficulties. There was nothing good for me. Every time I felt hurt and had to endure much grief. My relationship with my husband kept on deteriorating, while my children lost the paternal love. I had to endure an abortion. But now I feel stable and life is easy to live.


Never again!
Never again will you beat me!
Never again will you box me!
Never again will you not let me sleep!
Never again will you drag me out of the nursery!
To “talk” with me.


My name is Wang Shufan I live in Heilongjiang province Yilan district I married at 18 my husband was two years older than me. Soon after we married he began drinking, for the kids I always endured it. I really wanted to kill him. Then he died himself. Then I found another man and live ‘til now. Now I’m old, and my kids are grown.