‘MUTE’ (Model)

25 White Shirts with knotted Sleeves in the Back

25 Black Shirts with knotted Sleeves in the Back

Women from Zimbabwe, China, Switzerland and India read the texts they wrote on their Shirts (in India on Dupattas/Scarfs)
10.20 Min.

“Speaking is often in conflict with different interests. When, why and what women express depends on many factors and is also country- and culture-specific. Values are an important reference, as is safety. It’s a thin line whether the raised voices are resonant and impactful or fall silent again.”


The two Books contain the Texts read in the Video VOICES (by Women from Switzerland, India and Zimbabwe), followed by a Selection of Photos and Texts from China, Chile, the Seychelles, Germany and Mauritius – Countries that have also participated in WOMEN IN THE DARK.