By Liang Ly, 14 May 2019

Franziska Greber《呼声》

瑞士艺术家Franziska Greber的《呼声》也很吸引观众。视频中,我们会看到始终没有露面的女性背影,也会看到全然不去遮挡从容诉说的面孔,她们的国籍不同,但身份一致:女性。她们在言说着什么?她们的经历、痛苦、希望和愿望……在影像前的展台上,放置着一份小册子,里边书写着她们的“呼声”,而这些呼声构成了一个国际艺术项目《黑暗中的女人》——是不是让你想到一本汉娜·阿伦特的《黑暗时代的人们》。

“…. The installation ‘VOICES’ by the Swiss artist Franziska Greber is very attractive to the public. In the video we can see the backs of women who never show their faces and we can also see calm talking faces that are not hiding. Their nationalities are different, but their identity is the same: women. What are they talking about? About their experiences, their pain, their hopes and their wishes. On the bench in front of the monitor is a book which contains the voices of the women in written form. These voices form an international art project ‘WOMEN IN THE DARK’ – does it not remind us of Hannah Arendt’s book ‘Men in Dark Times’? …”