China-Europe International Contemporary Art Global Tour | Shanghai | 2018

Group Exhibition

弗兰齐斯卡·格雷伯:瑞士艺术家。她曾担任苏黎世州司法和内政事务局反家庭暴力干预中心的联合负责人;曾担任心理治疗师,监督员,组织顾问;并在大学和学院教学。她在多种学术期刊和书籍上撰写了大量文章,并在日内瓦和维也纳担任联合国活动的发言人。她参与了许多戏剧项目,曾是一部关于抑郁症的纪录片《灵魂的影子》(SeelenSchatten),以及一部关于家庭暴力的故事片《夏季游戏》(Giochi d’estate – Summer Games)的剧本顾问。2016年,她发起了国际艺术项目《黑暗中的女人们》。该项目使得生活在社会黑暗中的女人们发出声音——她们通过使用红色马克笔在白色衬衫上写下自己的经历、痛苦、希望和愿望。只有与各自国家的相关组织合作才能实现这一目标。到目前为止,参加的国家有津巴布韦、塞舌尔、毛里求斯、中国、印度、瑞士、智利和德国。女性服装被展示为艺术装置,记录女性书写的过程以照片、书籍和视频的形式展现出来。弗兰齐斯卡·格雷伯 (Franziska Greber)曾在中国举办过几次团体和个人展览。

Franziska Greber is a Swiss Artist. She was former Co-Head of the Intervention Center against Domestic Violence at the Directorate of Justice and Home Affairs in the Canton of Zurich, worked as a Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Organization Counselor, and taught at Universities and Colleges. She has written numerous articles in academic journals and books and was a Speaker for UN Events in Geneva and Vienna.  She was involved in many Theater Projects, was a Script-consultant for a documentary film about depression “SeelenSchatten” and for a feature film about domestic violence “Giochi d’estate – Summer Games”.In 2016 she initiated the international art project WOMEN IN THE DARK, which gives women who live in the dark of society a voice by writing their experiences, pain, hopes and wishes on a white shirt with a red permanent marker. Achieving this goal is only possible in collaboration with organizations in the respective country. So far participating are Zimbabwe, the Seychelles, Mauritius, China, India, Switzerland, Chile and Germany. The female garments are shown as art installations, the documented writing process of the women as photos, books and videos.

Franziska Greber had several group and solo exhibitions – also in China.