ECHO arises when sound waves are reflected at an obstacle. ECHO can be heard again even after the original sound has stopped.

‘ECHO’ unites women’s toneless voices. A huge Dupatta bursting out the window of Victoria Memorial Hall is spreading the messages of the unheard.

(2500×800cm, oversized dupatta/scarf, fabric, white and red paint, chicken mesh)


RESISTANCE is the act of refusal. It emerges as social self-defense and interruption of an unwanted process, and challenges a reset, reboot, rethink.

‘RESISTANCE’ is an installation with a huge Dupatta hanging from the indoor balcony. Under the weight of silence and fear, there is a grasping hand of an Indian woman seeking others.

(2000×600cm, oversized dupatta/scarf, fabric, white and red paint, Chicken Mesh, 70×40×30cm, fibreglass hand)

Anouradha Kapoor (Director of SWAYAM, Project Representative WOMEN IN THE DARK India), Franziska Greber, Nabaneeta Dev Sen (Writer, Women Writers’ Association of West Bengal, Founder and President SOI), Dr Yayanta Sengupta (Director of Victoria Memorial Hall, Curator)


WAVE – a spatial arousal that transports energy and develops powerful dynamics.

‘WAVE OF VOICES’ features written Dupattas, exhibited as an overwhelming wave around the room, up the wall and to the ceiling to finally break over our heads. Voices of courage and sorrow want to be shared, felt and heard.

(2500×600×400cm, metal construction, chicken mesh, fabric, 220 dupattas/scarfs with texts by indian women)

(11 textpanels with texts by indian women)


Photo series showing the process of women writing about their experiences on dupattas/scarfs or reading their texts that they wrote on their dupattas in the video.

(Photos taken by Franziska Greber & SWAYAM, 75×50cm; Video by SWAYAM)

(Nabaneeta Dev Sen)