2018 Summary of Speech

An international Exhibition has the chance to present topics from different perspectives – also the issue EXISTENCE of WOMEN. The individual art works do not stand alone, but interact with each other. The similarities, as well as the differences become visible.

But what does EXISTENCE refer to: body, soul, mind or economy, psychology, spirituality, philosophy, history, society or culture? What about the EXISTENCE of painful experiences, resistance and hope?

Questions about EXISTENCE also require a deeper look at its opposite. Is it the absence of possibilities, chances and rights, the missing perception and appreciation? Is it the missing voice? How does the fine line run between the different poles? Who determines EXISTENCE, its content or emptying? And on what ideas, demands and values is EXISTENCE based?

I am honored to be one of the 16 feminist artists that present various facets of this important topic, EXISTENCE.

But more Feminist Art will follow the today’s Exhibition in Changsha. With this remarkable decision, the Bubugao Incorporation helps to make one central vision be anchored in reality by giving Feminist Artists a public platform.

Let’s celebrate this special event and Exhibition with pride.

Thank you,

Franziska Greber