Franziska Greber


PERSONAL TERRITORY, 300x600x600cm, Mixed Media, 2018


The path into the spiral is a way in and out – a path to the center to contemplation and retreat and back to the surrounding context, the public. PERSONAL TERRITORY leads to an unknown place. The homely carpets fill the interior and spread the familiar, the own and vulnerable beyond its borders into the outside space.


But what do one’s own and the other include? What significance does the familiar have? What are the prerequisites to explore or even change these boundaries? How does the line manifest between the inner and the self, which wants to spread into the context, and vice versa? What questions, dilemmas and conflicts arise at these given or self-built borders? How do the different territories shape and behave in the process, and how does this ultimately anchor itself as our identity?



Plywood spiral, metal frame, 3 questions on the inside wall, 300 x 600 x 1200 cm, 11 chairs, 3 carpets: 300 x 400 cm, 200 x 300 cm, 150 x 300 cm