CORONA CULTURE – what the f*ck just happened 

Alte Münze | Berlin | Germany

International Group Exhibition with over 100 artists

An exhibition, sociocultural program and documentary about how the current pandemic affects our values, relationships, yearnings and future, revealing a mosaic of perspectives in the way we encounter uncertainty.

Steel | wood | bed covers | sheets | pillows | metal headboards | 200 x 200 x 330 cm

HOME should be a place of safety and retreat, trust and tranquility. But war, terror and violence force people to leave their HOME or it transfers to a place of fear, pain and horror. Many women and children and other vulnerable groups are humiliated, controlled and disempowered and devalued even in peaceful times. If HOME is out of balance, they are existentially threatened, especially if they choose the path to freedom. In times of particular strain, these existing processes are magnified and multiplied. Not only does the contempt for women dramatically increase, but also racism and homophobia.

HOME is an installation against discrimination and violence.