feminin – die soziale und politische Kraft des Weiblichen in Kunst und Gesellschaft

WOMEN IN THE DARK – aufruhr des schweigens | DENKRAUM DEUTSCHLAND 2021 | Pinakothek der Moderne | Munich 

WOMEN IN THE DARK – aufruhr des schweigens | 2021
Shirts | fabric | 600 x 2000 cm

The installation consists of white shirts with texts in around 40 languages ​​by 690 women from Germany who have written their experiences with discrimination and violence, but also hopes and demands, on these items of clothing with a red pen

WOMEN | 2021
Video | 20:00 min

17 women from 5 countries (Zimbabwe, Switzerland, China, India and Mauritius) read their text, which they wrote with a red pen on white clothing. It is about their experiences with discrimination and violence

The video work WOMEN is part of the international, transdisciplinary and participatory art project WOMEN IN THE DARK by Franziska Greber

HE(A)R | 2021
Sound-Installation | 60:00 min

60 women each read a text, written by 60 women from Germany – selected from the 690 shirts

BOOK | 2021
660 transcribed texts translated into German, 30 photos – each page of the book shows one text or a shirt, written by a woman from Germany

HOW SOCIAL IS ART? Chances and limits of an interaction
Panel discussion

Pia Brüner, Art Education Pinakothek der Moderne | Carolina Trautner, Bavarian State Minister, Women’s Representative of the Bavarian State Government | Franziska Greber, artist & initiator WOMEN IN THE DARK | Antje Krüger, project partner WOMEN IN THE DARK Germany | Dr. Monika Schröttle, political and social scientist | Susan Bühler, DieKulturBotschaft, moderator | Miro Craemer, artist, initiator & curator DENKRAUM DEUTSCHLAND

BACKSTAGE – Experiences with the international art project WOMEN IN THE DARK
Workshop with the artist & initiator Franziska Greber and other participants in the project

Antje Krüger & Patricia Kielinger (project partners WOMEN IN THE DARK Germany) | Doris Felbinger, Berliner Initiative gegen Gewalt an Frauen BIG e.V. (one of the two cooperation partners who were responsible for the implementation of the WOMEN IN THE DARK project in Germany) | Ute Brechtelsbauer (one of the many professionals from over 100 organizations and 12 federal states who accompanied the women’s writing process) | Nina Wurman (sound installation) | Michael Wladarsch (book) | Anja Papenfuss (one of the many people who participated in sewing the shirts onto the fabric)