feminin – die soziale und politische Kraft des Weiblichen in Kunst und Gesellschaft’

feminine – the social and political power of the feminine in art and society’

Film Documentation of the Curatorial Tour through the DENKRAUM DEUTSCHLAND 2021 feminine
For the third time, the format DENKRAUM DEUTSCHLAND curated by Miro Craemer is taking place in the temporary use of an exhibition room. For one week, DENKRAUM DEUTSCHLAND is devoted to a social aspect. DENKRAUM takes up current issues with and about art – in the spirit of Joseph Beuys, who saw the museum as a place of permanent conference and whose “speeches about one’s own country: Germany” in 1985 at the Münchner Kammerspiele was the inspiration for the project. Under the topic “feminine”, the DENKRAUM DEUTSCHLAND 2021 is all about the social and political potential of the feminine in art and society. Works from various media by Joseph Beuys, Gabi Blum, Valeska von Brase, Tomma Galonska, Franziska Greber, Hira Khan, Sudi Khonssari, the artist collective Die Villa, Judith Milberg, Naila Mahmood, Beate Passow, Doro Seror, Mica Wintermayr and others will be shown and in addition, the ‘Initiative fair share! Visibility for female artists’.

Curated by Miro Craemer

Interviews by Miro Craemer and/or Dr. Renée Gadsden
Camera & final cut: Alexander Löwenstein (https://youtu.be/nJaDXdXcUj4)

Miro Craemer about ‘WOMEN IN THE DARK – aufruhr des schweigens’
«I think the work is really very very special, both artistically and in terms of its social content […] It’s also interesting that we see 40 languages here – in the book on display […] each one has been translated, each one can be read. This is a real document of the times.» 

Excerpt from the Film Documentation