CSVD Swiss Conference Against Domestic Violence

Co-Chair: Geneviève Beaud Spang Office for Gender Equality men-women and of the family
Canton Friborg

Swiss Conference SKHG against Domestic Violence
Co-President: Miriam Reber Coordination Office Domestic Violence.
Canton St. Gallen


29. Juni 2017

Dear Mrs. Greber

We would like to thank you very much for the information about your international art project “Women in the dark” and for your inquiry on a possible cooperation on this subject. Both regional conferences and the board of the Swiss Conference against Domestic Violence (SKHG) discussed your project and a possible role of the SKHG during their June meetings.

The SKHG considers your project is very good, it focuses on a very important topic from an artistic perspective and stimulates a wide range of people to deal with violence against women. The SKHG is happy to support your project ideally, also in communication against the outside. For the implementation of the project in Switzerland, the SKHG recommends you to ask an organization which works with women that are affected by violence, eg the umbrella organization of the women’s houses of Switzerland and Liechtenstein and / or Terre des femmes.

We sincerely hope that your project “Women in the dark” can be realized in  Switzerland!

Best regards

Geneviève Beaud Spang
CSVD Co-President

Miriam Reber
SKHG Co-President